Project Neecheewam
Resources for Children and Youth

Vision Statement

Project Neecheewam Inc. (Neecheewam) is a professionally staffed community based organization. We are designed to meet the unique and individual needs of youth requiring safe care. Plans are facilitated through crisis intervention, alternative care and/or emergency resources that are reflected in a culturally diverse manner.

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Treatment Facilities

Neecheewam Inc. currently operates four residential facilities in Winnipeg for youth who have experienced severe family, personal and societal difficulties. These consist of:

Eagle Warriors (Mikisii Ogitchitag) Anderson House

A residential resource for a maximum of four males aged 12-17 years. This facility is specific to Indigenous youth who have limited involvement with the justice system but have demonstrated behaviors that indicate a need for additional structure, supervision, and support.

They may have a Probation Officer or an ISSP (Intensive Support and Supervision Program) Worker.

Our unique program consists of:

Intervention assists youth to break away from gang involvement and its lifestyle.

Daily one-to-one counseling addresses various social issues which could include anger management, victim impact awareness, substance abuse, healthy relationships and responsible sexuality through our life resource workbook.

Building and continuing support while incarcerated.

Cultural pride and awareness implementing spiritual, traditional, ceremonial and historical education, practices and teachings to actively promote and recognize each individuals sense of Indigenous identity.

Weekly recreational activities to promote physical fitness, cultural awareness, and entertainment.

Building relationships between youth and community through voluntarism and networking within the community.

A mandatory educational placement in a school/program specific to the needs of the individual youth.

A dedicated liaison to attend with the youth’s legal, school, and medical appointments.

Referrals can be made through the Provincial Placement Desk by various Child and Family Services agencies throughout Manitoba and Ontario as well as contacting the Program Manager directly.

White Butterfly (Wabshke Memengwa)

This residential facility is specific to four Indigenous girls aged 8-12 years offering long-term programming. This facility is also specific to Indigenous youth who have demonstrated behaviors that indicate a need for additional structure, supervision, and support.

We strive to achieve a nurturing and consistent therapeutic environment through group intervention and one to one counseling with Youth Care Practitioners.

In order for this to happen, we provide the following programs:

  • Family environment to facilitate responsible age appropriate social, life, and decision-making skills.
  • Educational needs will be met on an individual basis.
  • Individualized staff support and development based upon the individual programming needs of each client.
  • Recreational opportunities to facilitate positive social development by providing alternatives to socially inappropriate behavior through activities in the community and within the home.
  • Indigenous Awareness Program to promote and recognize each youth’s sense of identity.

These goals are accomplished through maintaining a therapeutic environment reflecting Indigenous culture and spirituality.

Referrals can be made through the Provincial Placement Desk by various Child and Family Services agencies throughout Manitoba and Ontario as well as contacting the Program Manager directly.

Strong Hearted Buffalo Women Crisis Stabilization Unit (Zongi'de Mushkodebizhike Ikwewag)

The CSU is a secure, short-term four-bed crisis intervention program for females of all nations up to age 17. The CSU works in partnership with Mobile Crisis Team and StreetReach to provide a safe place for females who are identified as at risk of sexual exploitation. This unit offers a safe, nurturing non-punitive environment for youth that are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or unable to cope. A stay in the unit is usually no longer than five to ten days and should only be long enough to stabilize the youth. A clinical follow- up facilitator as well as StreetReach and Social Worker will assist the youth in the discharge process and make any necessary referrals to help with future planning.

Examples of crises to which we handle and deal with are:

  • AWOL Tendancies
  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse
  • Sexual Exploitation

Admissions are based on youth having been assessed by StreetReach for risk of sexual exploitation.

Golden Eagle (Zawe Ginew)

This Co-Ed Unit is the most recent addition to the Neecheewam family and features a Level IV ten-bed emergency resource that commenced shelter care November 2007.

The Southern First Nations Network of Care in partnership with Neecheewam Inc. endeavored on the development of this emergency resource in direct response to the Provincial Governments' "Changes for Children Initiative" that focused on providing an alternative to the use of hotel placements for children/youth involved in the Child Welfare System.

The clientele is All Nations, male and/or female youth ages ranging from 11-17 years and in the care of Child and Family Services requiring emergency placement for 1-30 days. This recent revision allows CFS caseworkers one calendar month to secure alternate placement arrangements upon discharge from Golden Eagle.

Sibling Co-Placement (youth with child sibling 8-10 years) may be accommodated dependent on bed space availability, current group dynamics and subject to Program Manager approval.

The 24-hour Referral Process consists of emergency placement inquiries handled directly with Golden Eagle’s intake line and via AfterHours Child and Family All Nations Coordinated Response Network (ANCR). Inquiries are screened to match Golden Eagle’s Level 4 Care Criteria and Admissions arranged by appointment.

Golden Eagle Intake Line- Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm- 204-957-8800
After Hours Child and Family All Nations Coordinated Response Network (ANCR)- 204-944-4200

Golden Eagle Co-Ed Unit provides a safe, structured, nurturing, and learning environment for emergency care clients and strives to promote advocacy, networking, alternate referral options, and system accountability directly related to our clientele and collateral community contacts.

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